Friday, March 1

Hide Your Locs! Hair-Theft in South Africa Targets People with Natural Hair Locs

I guess the process of growing and maintaining locs is too difficult for some people because according to South African reports, there have been many cases of people being a target of hair robbery. There is a high-demand for locs on the black market because of a new styling technique called "crocheting", which is a weaving technique that uses human hair pieces as extensions for locs. Apparently the demand for this style is greater than the supply because hair thieves are rampant in Johannesburg, South Africa. Dreads on the black market can run between 200 and 2000 rand dependent on length.

I have to say that as insane as this case is, it is interesting to see that a natural hair style is such a coveted commodity. In North America, a region that often values length and straight hair as beauty, we usually see womyn who may be ready to steal for some high quality Indian Remy hair. But, it's interesting that in this area of South Africa, dreads are so popular that people are ready to lie, cheat and steal to rock this trend. The process to grow your locs to be exactly the way you like them is one that needs plenty of patience and TLC so I would be devastated if anyone even touched my hair.

Were you all surprised to hear about this hair stealing trend as well?

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