Friday, March 15

My Six Month Intervention or Reinvention!!!

Learn something new!
For the next six months I'm going to push myself to try and learn something new. It started last week when I enrolled in an eight week on line business school training course.  This has been difficult for me because I'm quite technology challenged! I don't have an I-phone, Ipod, or a blackberry because I don't know how to use one!!! But I realize it's time that I take myself and my business to another level. I need to get with the times, get with the the program! I love being in business school and I'm learning a lot and I'm meeting some amazing people!!! 

No relationships/dating or even flirting! 
The other thing I'm doing for six month is learning how to be with myself, by myself. I'm a serial dater!! So I'm choosing to learn who I would be if I wasn't in a relationship/partnership?  Trying to learn about me..... this has been really challenging because I am one of those people who just loves the idea of lovership/partnership! Yet, I'm learning a lot about myself and realizing that alone does not necessarily mean lonely.
I'm also a flirt so trying not to flirt has been hard because I flirt without even knowing I'm flirting!  But I'm turning over a new leaf! And please don't flirt with me to try and break my sabbatical! lol.  Some of my friends have placed bets that I won't make it through six months but I'm going to try!!! 

Eating well and taking care of my body.
I'm taking the next six months to be mindful of how I treat my body and what I eat. I'm carefully monitoring, how do I physically take care of myself? I tend to overeat when I'm stressed. I also tend to stop exercising when I'm stressed. So over eating and no exercising is a bad combination. I then gain weight at a rapid pace!!!!
And yeah, yeah, I know someone is going to write to me about accepting my body the way it is! Well, to be brutally honest, I haven't gotten there yet! 
So for the next six months I'm challenging myself to be really conscious of the food that I eat, and how I handle stress. This has been the most challenging aspect of my new six month sabbatical so I have chosen to break this six month challenge into a daily challenge. Each day I promise myself that I won't use food as a comfort, and that each day I will move my body in some way and do some form of exercise.

I'm hoping to emerge from this six month reinvention/intervention a better person. I will keep you posted. I encourage you all to join me! Lets do something new for the next six months! Let me know what you are up too! And what are you doing in the next six months to be a better you!!!! 


Sunny said...

Good for you for pushing yourself to grow and go outside your comfort zone.
I'm going to say don't accept the less than the best version of yourself. So IF you can honestly say the body you have now is your best work then so be it but based on what you have written, I don't think that's the case right now.

Anonymous said...

I have been taking on the 'no dating, no sex' thing too. I haven't put on a deadline on it. I'll know when I'm ready. After 2 failed relationships, I really need to figure out who I am and what I want. I have definitely lost myself in previous relationships. I like who I am when I am on my own and I'd like to like the person I am in relationships!

Amrita Persaud said...

So many self-realizations came about when I read this piece. For the past few years, I have been ‘actively’ embracing Michelle Obama’s words “your word is your bond and you do what you say you’re going to do.” As a result of this, I had anticipated feeling ‘fearful’ of posting my ‘plans’ in a public forum because of the accountability that comes with it...but I am joyous to say that this is not happening in the least...lalalalalalala! So, what am I up to? Thanks to your workshop, Trey...I am working on setting up a blog that will propel me into the life I envision as a writer, painter, adventurer, crazy lover of life. I needed to read this piece because even though I am on the path to ‘reinventing’ myself to the person I ultimately want to be, I have been moving in slow motion because I haven’t taken the time to write it down. So this wonderful Saturday night...I will write down my plans for the next six months...which will include spending more time by myself (lots of walks) and engaging with my spirituality to discover what more lies within (I’m learning for the first time in my life what self-love means); copying the amazing recipes for detoxifying and energizing smoothies from the facebook page ‘RawforBeauty’ and start being more kind to the temple that I call my body; taking a TESL program so that I have the option of travelling and working...I am thirsting for new places, spaces and experiences. That’s it for a start. Regarding relationships...all I can say is I hear you and I am precisely in the same place. Thank you for your goes a long way.

trey anthony said...

Amrita thanks for your honesty and sharing!!! I wish you well with everything that you desire!!! I think it's all going to happen for you! glad that i can inspire you.
t xxoxo

trey anthony said...

thanks to anon and sunny for posting. I'm working on me and I'm glad that we all are working on being our best selves! Thanks for sharing folks!