Wednesday, March 27

2 New Web Series I Am Looking Forward To Watching!

There are so many great web series on the Internet right now. I love that people have found their own avenue to create and produce the content that they want to see while crafting their own opportunities. Instead of waiting for an opportunity or “break” to be handed to them, they are going out there to get it!
There are 2, that I am really excited to follow and see what will come from it:

My fellow Canadian, Andrea Lewis, has launched a production company and new show called “Black Actresses” which I can’t wait for! She will have an awesome line-up of other black actresses making guest appearances such as Tracee Ellis Ross, Tatyana Ali, Keke Palmer and so many more. She will be partnering up for this series with another womyn who has made a name for herself in the web series industry and found great success, Issa Rae of Awkward Black Girl.

I respect Issa Rae’s hustle and all of the opportunities that she has created for herself by taking a chance and believing in her talent. Which is why I can’t wait to see her new series, “How Men Become Dogs”. I’m not too sure about the subject of this series since most of the work she has done thus far has centred around a female lead character and our issues but she has made great content so far so I would love to see where she takes this one.
How about you all, will you be watching and supporting these new talents?

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