Monday, March 11

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Tina Turner's Vogue Cover Reminds Me of a Few Lessons on Loving Your Body and Aging Gracefully

Tina Turner looks fabulous on the cover of the German edition of Vogue magazine. At 73 years old, she may just be one of Vogue's eldest cover models but you would never tell with her confident pose and glowing beauty. It's about time we see womyn of varying age groups covering top magazines as we often only see cover models of a certain look or age group.

Seeing her on the cover and other womyn who look more and more amazing with age, makes me excited about entering this new decade of my life (the dirty 40s!). And, drives home for me the importance of having a set of guiding principles regarding living my best life and living healthy. Because as you age, you realize that it's less about fitting into those skinny jeans and more about standing in exactly who you are and finding a lifestyle that suits where you are at.

My 5 main principles that I try to stick to are:

Eat the cake! - you may have to work out afterwards or walk a few extra steps but eat the cake.

Doesn't matter your age or what you've been through, it's never too late to re-program your thinking. Create positive body affirmations for yourself like"With each day, with each year I get healthier and stronger"

Stop forcing yourself to eat your brussel sprouts or insert here whatever healthy food you dislike Find some healthy, feel good foods that you do love and incorporate it into your meals everyday. Hate broccoli but love mango? Make your self a mango smoothie in the morning or add slices of mango in your salad.

Take the time to unwind - Being driven and ticking stuff off your to-do list is great and a must-have for people with a dream but don't be afraid to turn off your phone, computer, etc. and take some time to check-in with yourself. Do what you love to do during this time, journal, take a bath..find some way to relax and let go.

Sleep is important people! - this is an absolute must! We are not all P.Diddy, so sleeping when we die is not an option. Sleep now so that you can live longer and healthy.

What are some of your lifestyle principles? Would love to hear it!

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