Wednesday, May 1

We Need New Images: Magic Johnson's Releases New Programming on Aspire

I'm really excited for Magic Johnson's “Aspire” network to launch more programming as it goes into its 1st year anniversary. We need an alternative to not only the negative images that we see of ourselves through reality television where the angry black womyn is the norm. We also need to see a fresh perspective from the one that BET has created and monopolized for decades. While BET has changed their program and is slowly trying to introduce new content, it is nice to see our faces of colour and have different stories told on another network. It is also another opportunity to continue to employ writers, producers, actors, makeup artists, etc. of colour (because Tyler Perry can only do so much!).

As the network is building and expanding, information about new programs have been released. Most recently will be “The View” like segment called “Exhale” featuring 5 successful black womyn in the entertainment industry including: former Editor-in-Chief of Essence Magazine Angela Burt-Murray, “Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl Creator” Issa Rae, Actress Malinda Williams, Comedian Erin Jackson, and TV anchor Rene Syler. The show is setup to be a candid conversation amongst the womyn discussing things like life, career, parenting, relationships, faith and other topics that we can all relate to.

I’m looking forward to seeing what other original content Aspire will have to offer. Will you be watching and supporting?

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