Monday, May 13

MONDAY MOTIVATION: What Will You Give Yourself Permission to do Today?

It seems like a strange thing to say, "permission" - we're all adults here so we should be able to do whatever we please, whenever! But, when you really think about it, think about the list of goals and dreams that you have on your list to do or tucked way in the back of your mind that you have been holding on that it might happen some time. If you haven't accomplished it yet, in a lot of cases this often has to do with the excuses or reasons why not too that you have allowed to stop you from being open to getting what you want. Maybe, you are recently divorced and because you believe that your marriage failed, you are now not allowing yourself to be open to meeting new people and dating again. Or maybe, you've tried every exercise, every diet plan, told yourself that you will get started on living healthy every other Monday so now your body and spirit doesn't even believe you. Maybe, giving yourself permission in this case is telling yourself that, "yes I have tried a hundred times before, but I give myself permission to try for 101 so that I can feel good and healthy".

Giving yourself permission is, I feel, about being kind to your mind, body and spirit by being honest about the things that you have perhaps failed at in the past or have not allowed yourself to be open to and just telling yourself that it's ok. You may not have done it before, but it's okay to give it one more try. It's okay an that you trust yourself enough to place all cards, place that high stakes bet on you. Because that is the thing that we lose when we don't pursue or live what we want, we start to stop believing in ourselves. While we would be willing to put money on someone else's drive, talent, etc. we wouldn't even be willing to bet a penny on our own.

Over at, life coach Lisa Nichols is currently doing a 4 week series called, "Own Your Power" where each week she outlines steps for you to take control of every area of your life - finance, love, health, etc. When I read the article and watched the short video, that's the question that stick with me and made me wonder for areas where I have been holding back, why have I not given myself permission to go for it full force if that's what's in my heart and it is what I desire?

So, this is a fresh week a new opportunity to start something and do differently, what are YOU going to give yourself permission to reach for? Sometimes it doesn't have to be the biggest dream or goal, but a small step that will make all the difference in changing your view on life and yourself. Overall, just give yourself permission to live, to create the life each day that was once only in your mind.

Happy Monday!

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