Wednesday, May 29

The Case of Trayvon Martin: Why is the Victim Continually Put on Trial?

It's been just over a year since the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, who was shot and killed by a man named George Zimmerman for looking "suspicious" in his neighborhood.  The news rocked the nation and many like me have not forgotten the impact of how incredibly unfair this fate is to Trayvon and many of our young black men around the world.

A year later, Trayvon's trial has finally gone to court. While to many it seems like an obvious open close type of case, we have heard countless stories and read many a headline that has tried to paint Trayvon has a troubled teen, a "thug". Has tried to make his killing appear as if it were his own fault; what he had somehow asked for. I have to say that every time I read these things my heart breaks over and over again for his soul that isn't able to defend himself and for his family that are missing their blood so deeply. This week, Zimmerman's defense team released and teased the media with supposed evidence about conflicting text messages and Trayvon's violent past. It just adds insult to injury. Why is Trayvon countlessly being put on trial? He is dead. No voice but his grieving parents' to defend him and his character. Why hasn't the man who committed the crime been questioned as much in the media? Instead we hear excuses and justifications for why taking an unarmed young man's life is not only okay, but justified. 

I'm thankful for the judge who this week ruled that all of the evidence that Zimmerman's defense team has tried to use will not be considered in the trial. I am thankful that with this initial ruling, a young man who was robbed of all the things that he deserved to experience: graduation, prom, first love, getting a real job, and so many of life's simple experiences, will get the chance for a fair trial.

The trial begins in a few weeks. I'll be watching how this unfolds and praying for Trayvon and his family's peace every step of the way.

What are your thoughts on how Trayvon has been continually depicted throughout this process?

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