Friday, May 24

Black Women Top Forbes' Power List

I just love when these annual Power lists are released by magazines such as Forbes and Time. It's always interesting to see not only who is successful but in what industries they are doing well in. When we think rich and powerful, we often think celebrities, athletes, politicians, etc. but what I love about these lists is that it showcases the power elite from various fields and throughout the world.

I don't know about you all but, I always skim the list before I give it a full read through, to see some faces of colour (especially womyn of colour). It's nice to see more diversity in top positions and people around the world who are calling shots and making noise in their country and globally.
This year, 11 womyn of colour made the lists. As suspected, the usual suspects such as Michelle O, Beyonce and my girl Oprah made the list but a few others not so commonly publicized are: Dr. Helene Gayle, President & CEO of CARE, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Liberan President, Nigerian Minister of Finance, Ngozin Okonjo-Iweala and many more!

Check out Forbes for the full list here.

Let's keep reaching ladies so that we can keep representing on this list!

Tell me, what do you think about these "most powerful"lists and those who topped this one?

Happy Friday!

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