Monday, May 27

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Jay Leno Gas Pump Couple Show Us How to Have Fun With Your Partner

Recognize this couple? I have to tell you that their video cracked me up, made me smile from ear to ear and completely started off one of my Saturday morning in such good spirits. The couple became an Internet sensation recently when a video of them happily singing for a free tank of gas as they were surprised at a Costco gas pump by the Jay Leno show became a favorite and spread over social media. If you haven't seen this video, trust me it's a must see!

Well, that video surfaced a few weeks ago and since then the couple has been doing many interviews as people have been interested in finding out not only who this couple is but also, are they really that happy? I just read a great interview with them over at and they say absolutely yes! They are high school sweethearts who will be celebrating their 12th year anniversary and say they are happy because they make having fun a priority.

I think people often start off having fun together in relationships during the dating phase or honeymoon period but once that bliss starts to fade, many people aren't as proactive about remaining in sync and making time to simply enjoy each other, to laugh. As a comedian, I truly feel that laughter can heal all things. What I found interesting in what they had to say, is that their pastor told them when they were newlyweds that the best thing they can do for their relationship is going on vacation regularly. So, they made a commitment to sticking to that advice and make sure to take vacations together or even just a night at a hotel locally.

Not everyone can afford to go away often and the difficulties of planning who will take car of the kids often leads people to abandon plans, but it's so important for couples to spend that "we" time together to experience new things and continue to connect in different ways.

It's always nice to know that you are in a relationship with someone who is genuinely your best/ great friend, who you just have such a fun time with you couldn't imagine spending it with anyone else in that moment.

So this week, if you are single start thinking about all the things that you love doing individually, start doing them regularly (if you don't already) and be open, keep your eye out for a cutie that you can share this interest with. If you are a couple or married, start planning a full vacation, one night getaway or even just a fun date night that is different from the usual.

Check out the full interview here and video below.

Have a happy & loving Monday!

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