Friday, May 17

Beyonce, It's Okay to Take a Break!

We can say that it’s official; the year of Beyonce is here because as soon as 2013 started she has been everywhere – Pepsi ads, H&M campaigns, singing the National Anthem for the president, her SuperBowl concert, magazines, etc. Fan or not of Beyonce, I think the one thing that you can respect and appreciate about her is her seemingly great work ethic. She seems to be able to push herself as an artist so that she can live and breathe the music that she loves. Between balancing being an international star, new mother and simply living her life as a young womyn, she has to be extremely driven and disciplined.

But, what I realized this week is less about Beyonce and more about the idea of womyn pushing themselves too hard (to the detriment of their health) on their path to achieving great things. This week, Beyonce cancelled one of her performances in Belgium citing exhaustion and dehydration. But, the next night she was back on stage doing the “Single Ladies” dance! She said, she was performing against doctor’s orders but she wanted to be there, she had never missed a performance before last night. Who can relate to that – feeling exhausted, sick or simply pushed to your limit but you continue to press on because you have people depending on you to show up every day? I’m not saying that she needs to take an extended break or you need to put aside your responsibilities, but sometimes you need to give your mind, body and soul the ability to relax and recharge so that you can fully be present to take on whatever you have on your to-do list. I’ve been there, because I’ve always had all these big dreams that I’ve been determined to actualize so I work hard from the crack of dawn to night trying to make things happen. I’ve definitely pushed my body to the max many times. But, I’m also not afraid to take a day to be alone with myself, lie in my bed and read a good book or catch up on movies on Netflix.

Sometimes life can’t be completely balanced but the best advice that I’ve heard is to simply listen to your body, don’t push it too hard. Don’t be afraid to say that you need a few minutes, hours or days to recharge. Beyonce, needs to listen to her body (and her doctors) - take a break! And to you, please take this weekend or even just a couple of hours on Saturday or Sunday to just be alone with yourself (read, take a long bath, garden, sleep! etc) and not attack your to-do list.

Meet me in the comments, tell me what your rest time or “nothing” will look like this weekend?

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