Friday, June 1

Homeless to Harvard: One Student's Incredible Journey

David Boone is the latest high school student to be accepted to Harvard.  The 18 year old aspiring engineer turned down offers from Yale and Princeton to attend the Ivy League school in the fall. The only thing is that he is homeless.  That's right.  David Boone spent many a night sleeping in a park or at a friends house.  Sneaking into friends homes to shower first thing in the morning.  Until one day the principle of his school opened his home to Boone.  

Talk about a tough life!  But he fought almost every challenge imaginable including being lured into gangs and came out victorious.  He knew deep inside that this was NOT his destiny.

This just goes to show that no matter how difficult your circumstances may seem there is always room to rise above and soar among the clouds.  Determination to succeed and the desire to surpass your current situation is all that you really need.  So stop waiting to the perfect time, or the perfect situation, or for the stars to align before you turn your situation around.  Chances are whatever you're going through is not as bad as what David went through.  And if you are in the same boat....take this as a lesson to know that you can succeed! 

It's time to re-write your future.  

This reminds me of a quote from JK Rowling (the Harry Potter Genius) who was on public assistance, and wrote the Harry Potter phenomenon from a coffee shop.

If any of you out there is in a position that makes you feel like you are at rock bottom....start building....there's no where else to go but UP!


Amrita Persaud said...

Beautiful,uplifting story..and such a reminder that we can achieve beyond our most spectacular dreams if we believe we can do it. We get the 'cliched' emails daily on how important it is to follow our dreams and persevere...however, 'real life' stories make all the difference because we get to see how this plays out in an individual's life...and that is motivating. David Boone's story reminds me of Chris Gardner's story (played out by Will Smith in "Pursuit of Happyness") Both of these men have had to overcome considerable odds to be recognized for the heroes that they are...

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