Friday, June 8

Front Row & Backstage Pass: Your Life

I saw this on Facebook and it really resonated with me as an actor/entertainer. Especially as I closely examine who is taking up front row in my life. This was brilliantly written by Sabeen F. Haque.....think about it! 

It doesn't really matter what stage you are at in your life- take a minute and consider the following....

The lights are dimmed, the curtains are raised and right there on center stage- the spotlight shines on you. This is your life. And you are the star of the show.

As you look out- you see your audience. Move your gaze and focus on the front row. Who do you see? These are the people who have been given the honour of having the best seats in your life. Are they your biggest fans? Are they giving you a standing ovation? When you look out- are these the familiar faces that you want to see.

Now take a step back. Look behind you. Who is standing backstage? If this was your last performance- is this the same face or faces that you would want to see?

We have all handed out front row and backstage passes to our lives. Take some time and think about who these ticket holders are? Do they deserve to be there? Do they support you through your life's performances? Everyone applauds when your show is a hit- but who is there for you when your show is a flop? Who are the faces that you look to for comfort. The ones who love you no matter how you perform? The ones who will cheer the loudest and be there no matter what price they have to pay?Is there anyone missing? 

Now there someone there who does not deserve to be? This is your stage and you can do as you choose. Your act is not over and you still have time to make it right. Your ushers are standing by. Ready to accompany your VIP's to the front and to kick out the ones who should be in standing room only or out completely.

This is your life and there is no dress rehearsal. The second act is yet to come. You decide...

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