Wednesday, June 27

Janet Jackson To Produce Transgender Doc Called 'Truth'

Janet Jackson is set to executive produce a documentary called Truth, about transgender people that aims to "stop the hate and find understanding." It will be directed by Robert Jason who describes the work as "a journey through the lives of trans- and nongendered people around the world and their epic struggle for equality."

In a statement released to the media, Janet Jackson states that her life experiences have allowed her to meet and make friends with people from many different walks of life and that her life was greatly impacted by that.  "Truth is our small chance to ask that you try and understand someone who lives their life in a way that is a little bit different from yours, even though all of our hearts are the same," said Jackson.

The trouble is that the people who need to see this movie the most, probably won't see it because of the subject matter.  Having a heavy hitter like Janet Jackson certainly give the topic a bit of a spotlight but I wonder how many NEW audiences it will actually reach. In today's society, people tend to be severely afraid of the unknown.  And as we all know, fear paralyzes and prevents one from moving forward. 

Director Robert Jason made a statement that really resonated with me..."Just as it is hard to believe that there ever was a time when different components of society were required to use separate drinking fountains, it is as incredible that one's gender expression remains just such a target for discrimination."

And it's true!  Looking at society today, we (especially the younger generation) can barely wrap our heads around that concept of a racially segregation way of life.  But, my question is this: can one film really break down those barriers?  That's a large burden to be placed on one film.  I sincerely hope that this movie will open up a dialogue and help to ease some of the hate that is prevelant in the world today!  What are your thoughts? Do you think this movie will open some new doors for the transgender community?  

Truth is set to begin production this summer.

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