Monday, June 11

White Man Turns Black With Melanin Injections

This is why I love Facebook.  I stumble upon some of the greatest things I've ever seen just from this social media site.  I'm lucky enough to have friends and fans who post things that make you think or simply educate you.

The other day, I was going through a friends site and I saw a picture of a white man who turned black by injecting himself with synthetic melanin.  No, read that right...check out the picture below...

I was in complete disbelief, so I went to my know-it-all Best Friend (Google haha) to find out some more information...and I found a lot of medical technical stuff (that I wasn't in the mood to try to sift through).  But after a little more research I found some articles talking about Melanotan II aka the "Barbie Drug" and I found a whole world of information.  This Barbie Drug is sold as a 'tan without the sun damage' quick fix and is used by injecting the liquid into your abdomen every second day, along with one to two sunbed sessions a week, until the desired skin colour is reached and then once a week after that.  It's available online and even advertises it.

Apparently this drug which isn't illegal to sell, but it illegal for human consumption because it hasn't been properly tested, is all the rage in Australia and the U.K.   It's making it's way to North America and I can't believe how many people are willing to use it.

What a society we live in! It seems like there is a quick fix for whatever is ailing just have to be willing to pay the price either in dollars or health. There is no telling what kind of side effects these people will have in the years to come.

Be happy with who you are!  And if you're not happy, go through the proper channels to help improve the amazing person you already are!

Has anyone else out there heard about this before now?  What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

This is the same thing as a black person bleaching their skin to appear white. Why not be happy in your own skin?? I don't get it...

Anonymous said...

Trey, I just finished teaching the book "Black Like Me," by Howard Griffin, which is all about a white man who took pills to turn himself black in order to experience life as a black person in the Deep segregated aout (1950s). His is a true story. The baseball player Sammy Sosa has turned himself into a "light skinned" person. So there must be drugs to remove your melanin too. Thanks foer his info. Monica

Amber Cornish said...

All I can say is "Wow!" When I was little, all my black friends wanted to be white. But now white folk trying to be black. I love me & my Carmel skin & wouldn't change it for anything!

sandhyabandi said...

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Anonymous said...

This is just What I WAS talkin About! Thank you for this post!

see my article: They Need Your Energy: Ritual Killings and The Depopulation Agenda


Thank you again. GREAT POST!

Casandra said...

Look at the two faces. They are not the same person. This is a fake.
Unless the guy got major face surgery!

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Anonymous said...

Most black people straigten their hair simply because its easier to manage. And I have only seena small amount of black cecelebrities and people bleach their skin. If this is the only "whites" can sayin defense of getting lip injections, fat injections to the bottom, fuller hair with voulume. Then its a pathetic "comeback". Also here is another star fact: most black people are going natural, meaning no weaves, wigs, or straightners. Due to the mere fsct there are products coming out that makes it easier to maintain kinky and curly hair.

With that, most of you whites who screams skin bleaching. Actually skin bleaching is expensive, and there are tons of skin bleach products on the market, yet I don't see not one of these products enter the home of most black people. But I will always seen sun tan lotion and lip products. My my my. have the tables have turned. :3