Friday, June 22

64 year old Grandmother and Fitness Competitor - MOTIVATION

I love reading stories about grandma's.  You know I have a heart for those wiser than I this grandma is sure to motivate!

Ruby Carter-Pikes, a 64 year-old mother of four and great-grandmother has a rock hard body.  She makes me want to RUN to the nearest gym and work out all day and all night!  Check her out:

She started working out as a reaction to a long family history of illness including diabeietes, high cholestorol, heart problems and Alzheimer's.

Soon she began competing and rivaling womyn have her age in fitness com
petitions around the country.  She is living proof that fitness and health are for everyone at every age!

Apparently, she usually dresses in nothing more than a string bikini and to be honest, if I has her body, I probably would too! haha!

Just wanted to keep us all motivated as we work towards our health goals!  We don't all have to look like Ruby, but know that it is possible to start and keep a health regime at any age.  It's never too late, you just need to start!

Have a blessed weekend...


NuBeing - BWAC said...

Hey Trey, have you seen on Facebook the photo gallery for the group "Black Women DO Workout" -- the gallery is called "Members of the BWDW Fine, Fabulously-Fit & Over Forty Club." Girl, they have some seriously fit sistahs up in there! They make a black woman PROUD, I tell you.

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