Wednesday, June 20

From My Heart To Yours

As I'm going through this cleanse and thinking about all the areas of my life that need some more attention, I am reminded that there are times when you need to put yourself first.  Because just like most of us, I sometimes try to please everyone else and my wants and needs get put aside for what is supposed to be a temporary time and ends up being far too long.

And as I thought about that, I was reminded of a poem by a friend of mine.  Her name is  Zakiya Toby and she wrote a great poem called 'Forgive Me'.  It talks about freeing yourself from the bounds of the guilt of trying to please everyone and the joy there is in putting yourself first for a change.  While not every line applies to my life, the overall message really resonated with me.    The poem is below and I think you will enjoy it. 

Zakiya has also written a book called From My Heart To Yours, and it's available on  You know that I think it's important to support upcoming local talent and she is a talented poet with a distinct point of view.

Forgive me

Lately I’ve been accused
Accused of crimes against humanity
And I must confess...I’m GUILTY

So now I stand before the court
To beg for forgiveness

Please forgive me…yes forgive me for not being the person you think I should be
Cuz I’m too busy being the person God intended for me to be

Cuz sometimes I need to take care of me and my home
Sometimes I can’t take the time to take care of all your problems
While mine stand in the cold shivering

I’m sorry!

Forgive me because our relationship started off on the wrong foot

It was my fault and I take full responsibility
I shouldn’t have lent you an ear when you needed advice
A hand when you were down
And a shoulder to cry on

Being who I am I didn’t set the boundaries
You apparently needed

See, you thought that was my place

That my purpose was to feed you and for that...
My deepest apologies!

I’m also sorry for being busy
Busy taking care of a wounded soul
A broken bruised and fragile soul
That needs nurturing more than you’ll ever know

 I’m sorry for letting you think that
I was always OK

Truth is that I was not
But somehow found the inner strength to
Push past my now to peer into tomorrow
So that hope
Rises through my core
Stirs up something on the inside
And oozes through my pores

Whatever you feed will surely grow
And instead of growing the weeds and wounds
I choose to cultivate life!

Just because I smile, doesn’t mean I’m not in pain
I choose to put my best foot forward
Because that’s where it belongs
In front

But in the last little while
It’s been dangling behind me
Begging to see the sun

But I was too busy clearing the weeds
From your garden
That I neglected to tend to mine

Again I’m sorry

Truth is
I'm a single mama
With very little help
Who is on the grind every damn day for her seed
Working all kinds of jobs
To keep the tops of our heads dry
And make the hunger pangs subside

 So forgive me perhaps,
If I don't have the time to take the pieces of your life
And glue them back together after you threw down the glass

I’m sorry but I’m just too busy

Too busy taking care of me
Or busy planning
Or busy trying to forget how lonely it is sometimes
Because it sure can be lonely

But you wouldn’t know because
You talk too damn much to
Listen for just a second

Now, I’m busy
Busy building an empire
Perfectly positioning each and every brick
Busy creating a legacy that stretches
Past the generations of my mind’s eye
Busy writing my story, my future

When you’re sleeping...
I’m up at 5am with a sick child after working hard til 4
Or bathing in coffee to keep my eyes open
Enough to see the lines on the road
Or finding a moment to enjoy on my own
With a glass of wine and a good chune

I guess what I’m trying to say is…


You are not my everything!

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