Wednesday, May 30

da Kink Continues - Decosta adds Trey Anthony Studios To Its Roster

Yesterday in all my excitement of posting on facebook and sharing my news with friends and family I forgot to post on my blog, the BIG NEWS!!! My apologies to all my blog followers. So in case you haven't heard, here is the big news!!!! DRUM ROLL!!!! :)

To be a part of DECOSTA' S star studded roster is a dream come true and I'm excited to see what is next for 'da Kink!! Thus, I'm busy manifesting, journaling, praying and visioning~~  I truly believe all is possible with the help of spirit. I thank you universe for your generous abundance. 
Yet I know I could not have done this alone so I  want to thank everyone who has generously given their love and support to 'da Kink, thus to myself...... 
Today, I wish for everyone to truly have belief in their dreams and I wish for everyone continued GREATNESS! Much love. xoxo! 

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