Monday, May 21

Will Smith Slaps Reporter

Will Smith was walking down a press line at the Moscow premier of Men In Black 3 where Ukrainian reporter, Vitalii Serdiuk, attempted to kiss Smith on the lips.  Serdiuk last made headlines at the Venice Film Festival in September when gave Madonna a bouquet of flowers and called her "my princess."

After the attempted kiss Smith pushed the reporter away, slapped him lightly on the cheek with the back of his hand and said: "C'mon man, what the hell is your problem buddy?" Then said to the crowd, "He's lucky I didn't sucker punch him, Oh, I said that on camera? It's all good."

It's rare that we see this side of the 'Fresh Prince' and he did laugh it off.  I think he was shocked more than anything.

Do you think that Will behaved inappropriately?  Are reporters getting a little too bold?  Do you think the reporter 'deserved' it?  What are you thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

de boy too bright, me woulda tump im to