Friday, May 11

Nelson Mandela Inspired Clothing Line

Nelson Mandela's clothing line to hit store this year.  The anti-apartheid activist has inspired a collection of sportswear called "46664 Fashion," which is named after his prison number while he was jailed on Robben Island for 27 years in 1962.

Until now, this line has been available in Africa until a Dallas based company, Company B, took interest in the line.  They now have an exclusive sub-licence and the 46664 line of women's, men's and children lines will be available in North America very soon.

“The designers are very much in tune to the vibrant nature of South Africa whether it’s bright colors or a shweshwe print,” says Aaron Patton, chief executive officer of Company B.
The bold colors and prints are certainly a huge trend this season and this collection is full of them. The collection will launch at on July 18, Mandela’s 94th birthday. And you can expect retail stores to start carrying by the holiday season.

Check out some shots of the 46664 collection. 

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