Monday, May 28

26yr Old Woman Founds The First Air Ambulance Service in West Africa

I love reading stories about youth making a difference.  I recently read about Ola Orekunrin, who made history 5 years ago when she became a medical doctor at the tender age of 21 -- the youngest medical doctor in her homeland, England.  She graduated from the University of York with flying colors. 

Although she was raised by white foster parents, she always remembered her Nigerian roots.   Her story isn't as glamorous as most people would think (far from the Angelina Jolie picture perfect ending to adoption.)  Her family often struggled to make ends meet but that didn't stop her from achieving greatness. 
Now at age 26, Orekunrin has founded The Flying Doctors, the first air ambulance service in West Africa.  She was inspired to start this venture after her younger sister died of anemia.  She was in and out of the hospital continuously and eventually died due to a lack of availability of an air ambulance.  
Orekunrin gave up a high paying job in England and her dreams of becoming the president of the British Medical Association and minister for the conservative party and moved to Nigeria.
Believe it or not, the idea of an air ambulance service was first introduced in 1960 and nothing was done about it! Orekunrin then studied the models in Kenya, Libya, Uganda and India and devised a plan to improve the health care system in Nigeria.
She is truly a visionary!  Think about how many lives will be saved from her following her passions, and her heart.  
This just goes to show that everyone has a purpose in this life.  No matter how old or young you are.  No matter how rich or poor you are.  Without you something will never happen.  You have a unique and special gift to share with this world...don't let your circumstances dictate who you are.
I hope that encourages someone out there!  


Suruchi Mehta said...

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Ron Schaberg said...

Great news! Good to see people who are dedicated in our industry and looking to do good for people, especially those in remote areas!

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