Friday, March 30

Would You Shop At A Virtual Store?

I've been having a lot of fun surfing the net the last few days...mainly because I'm finding a lot of interesting things online.  Last night I found a picture of a virtual store in Korea.  It's the first of it's kind in the world.   All the 'shelves' are LCD screens which the user or shopper would select the items they desire by touching the screen and then they would check out at the counter when they have completed their shopping.  All the items purchased are packed in bags awaiting pick up at the end.

Would you shop at a store like this?  I would probably try it for the sake of trying it but I don`t think that I could get used to shopping like that on a regular basis.

Your thoughts?

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Deals and Discounts Store said...

From Consumer Care perspective its a great evolution in history of technology or you can say the right use of technology. I have ready many blog about this store every one is arguing that it is difficult for senior citizens to adopt it, I think its not that much difficult they can learn by the passage of time, they just need guidance from younger.