Wednesday, March 7

KONY 2012: It's time to take a stand!

I know many of you may have seen this on Facebook already....I know many of my friends and fans have been posting this to create awareness about KONY raise awareness about the incredible maltreatment of children and women in Uganda.

Filmmaker Jason Russell visited Africa in 2003 and returned with a story that not only breaks your heart....but urges you to take a stand!  With that he created the non-profit organization Invisible Children Inc that is working to make the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, Joseph Kony of Uganda famous by raising support for his arrest. Kony’s arrest will save thousands of women and children allowing them to live a normal life without fear from the LRA rebels.

Please take the time to watch the video and make NOISE!  We all know the squeaky wheel gets the oil!  If this was your mother, sister, brother son or daughter you would certainly take the time to do something.

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La Blogalista said...

Hello Trey!! Thanks for posting this blog. I was working on mine after seeing this Monstrosity! We are so shielded here that we do not see the things that happen to our fellow brothers and sisters. God Bless!