Monday, March 19

Georgia teen suspended for not reporting she was bullied!

OK.  This one has me completely confused! I actually had to read the story twice just to make sure I read it correctly.

Apparently, in Lithonia, Ga, a young girl was suspended for 2 DAYS for not reporting that she was bullied!  (insert blank stare here)

Essance said that a few weeks ago two girls locked her in a bathroom stall, and threatened her.

However, when she told her school counsellor in a three page letter, the assistant principal threatened her with a two-week suspension if the altercation with the other girl continued.

So when the bullying continued, Essance did not bother to inform the administrative staff at her school for fear of suspension.  That backfired and Essance was suspended for 2 days because she didn’t report it.

Obviously I don’t have to tell you that she was afraid.  Most people with some common sense would realize that anyone who is being bullied is scared and afraid to inform anyone that they are being tormented. And then to punish someone for not telling is beyond ridiculous to me. 

This poor young lady needs so much love right now.  I wish I could just give her a hug and let her know that it will be OK.

Your thoughts?

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