Friday, March 9

Living by choice...not chance!

Have you ever noticed that people tend to want what they don't have.  We tend to believe that the grass is greener on the other side.  We look at what our colleagues, neighbors and friends have and wish we had the same.  We never see the weeds that lurk in their gardens, we never see the dry spots that need attention, just what appears to be green luscious grass.

Don't let a single day go by without being grateful for everything you have!  There are tons of things that you can find to be grateful for... after all you woke up this morning....many didn't.  You walked to the kitchen to get something to eat.  Many can't walk, and many have empty cupboards to greet them in the morning, noon and night.

Today I want to remind you that no matter the storm, there is a silver lining around the clouds.  No matter what seems to be troubling you there is always a solution.  You just have to find it.

We live by CHOICE and not by CHANCE.

Today I'm challenging you to make the choice to see the positive and not the negative. To find something to smile about when you feel like frowning.  To allow yourself to cry and release the hurt/tension/dismay in your life and then keep moving. Discover your dream...then dream bigger!

Life is too short to avoid happiness!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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