Monday, March 12

Herb Carnegie: The best player the NHL never had.

Herb Carnegie passed away this weekend at the age of 92.  Who is Herb Carnegie you ask?  He was possibly the best black hockey player the NHL never had.

He learned to play hockey at an early age after falling in love with it and was an incredible centre man.

Carnegie turned out to be a businessman, philanthropist, championship golfer, and Order of Canada recipient.

He lead a great and fulfilling life and while he admits that he was good enough to play for the Leafs the owners at the time couldn't get past his skin colour.

“I loved the game and I feel cheated. I didn’t get the chance to prove myself. I just had a door closed where I couldn’t participate. As much fun as I had in the game, I had pain because I couldn’t have that other step,” said Carnegie

The fact that he didn't try out of the NHL makes me wonder how different this post would have been if he had played for the NHL.  I'm not discrediting his decisions, as only he knew what was best for himself at the time and he knew what he could handle, but I still do wonder.

I just want to encourage all of you to take risks.  Follow your heart and your dreams.  And just when you think you've dreamed enough....DREAM BIGGER!

Question of the week: Is there a dream that you have deferred because is was too hard, or too much pressure, or the barriers were seemingly insurmountable?

Is there a dream buried within that is screaming to be released?  Do you need help figuring out what your passions are and how to pursue them?  Don't wait any longer?  Contact me at Girl Doing BETTER and lets figure this out together!

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Connie said...

Amazing! both my sons play rep hockey with the gthl greater Toronto hockey league and they have played at the herb Carnegie rink in willowdale. Now my sons have another black hockey player to look up to. There are more and more black players out there. I play now too so even the black moms are getting in on it.
May herb rest in peace.