Wednesday, March 28

Push Girls: Real Reality TV

Last night I was surfing the net and I stumbled on this incredible show that I can't wait to watch it.  The new reality show airs in April and it follows the lives of four womyn in Hollywood who deal with the struggles we all face such as motherhood, careers, relationships and divorce. 

L-R: Former Swimmer, Mia Schaikewitz, 32; Dancer, Auti Angel, 42; Actress Angela Rockwood, 36; and Model Tiphany Adams, 28

Seems like every other reality show there is out there right?  Cameras following a group of people around capturing whatever it is that they do on a daily basis.  You are probably wondering what the hook is....what makes this show any different from every other show there is out there.  Well, take a look at the next photo to  find out.

These womyn are wheel chair bound!  Each one had budding careers before them when a tragic accident changed their worlds forever.

Push Girls, follows: Mia, a former competitive swimmer who lost the use of her legs after a rare type of brain hemorrhage at the age of 15.  Auti, a former hip hop dancer, "I was JLo before J Lo" she said.  She danced with Milli Vanilli and LL Cool J in the 90s before a car accident in 1992.  Angela, who appeared in The Fast and the Furious before a 2001 car accident left her without the use of the torso, arms and legs.  And Tiphany who survived a drunk driving accident in her senior year of high school that left 3 of her friends dead.  She was given a five per cent chance to live by doctors.

With truth and honesty, producer Gay Rosenthal, who also produced Little People, Big World, gives us a glimpse of these womyn as they reclaim their lives and shatter the stereotypes of what it means to have a disability.  

I sincerely hope you watch this show and tell a friend.  In a time where Kim Kardashian and  Toddlers in Tiaras seem to bombard our screens, it is nice to see a show that is an accurate reflection of reality on a reality TV show.

What do you think about Push Girls?  Would you watch this show?


Ruairi said...

making a show based around the struggles of somebody's disability and pocketing cash off it is messed up. I don't agree with it, Yes they live hard lifestyles but TV Executives are either getting lazy or doing drugs. No surprise it comes from the same person who gave us Little People, which was a great show till they started milking it.....Then a cupcake and a choclatier show w/ dwarves popped up. The characters life stories are all cliche and sad, being at their prime and having an accident, No disabled women from birth?

kali said...

this will be very interesting to watch, I will definitely watch it. it will depict their life struggles however what is the real truth behind this and the picture hollywood is trying to portray? where are the real people who are struggling in wheel chairs all the time who did not have any fame or budding careers that was destroyed due to accidents? are the women in this show going to make a lot of money from this or are they going to get minimal money and possibly be highly exploited? I'm going to watch it and go from there. Thanks for bringing the show to our attention