Friday, March 16

Rihanna defends Chris Brown collabo as 'innocent'???

Apparently, Rihanna and Chris Brown have recently collaborated on 2 tracks, (even though Chris is still on probation for beating her while they were dating three years ago.)  He is featured on her ‘Birthday Cake’ remix and she appears on his ‘Turn Up The Music.’

Now I can’t tell anyone who to date, talk to, or even love and it would appear that they both really do care for each other on some level.  And after all they are two grown adults who have the ability to make whatever choices they deem fit for their life.

And let’s face it.... if you are really following either one of them, it’s no secret that they still have feelings for each other and they express themselves through ‘coded’ messages on Twitter that most people have figured out.

I’m just worried about the messages that young impressionable girls are getting from this whole incident.  I’ve heard/seen (mainly on Twitter) many girls saying things like ‘Breezy can beat me any time’.

I don’t know if these girls realize the depth of what they are saying?  Or if they just are disconnected to the fact that domestic violence is a real threat or all they see is a cute face and a pile money.  But it saddens me to see that something this serious has been treated this lightly

And the fact that Rihanna is covering it up by stating that “he’s the hottest artist out there” and it’s “innocent” as a justification as to why she wanted to record with him is a little ridiculous.

I really hope that Rihanna stops this foolishness and starts realizing that she is a role model and that her decisions are shaping the lives of thousands of young girls across the globe. She is a beautiful and talented young womyn who deserves much better than that!

Also to the parents out there: Please take stock of what your children are watching and listening to....and don’t be afraid to TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN!  Start dialogues, have conversations....because your children have seen and heard much more than you’d ever imagine. And if you don’t talk to them trust me someone will!

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