Wednesday, July 31

Sometimes Half The Battle is Getting Your Partner to Accept Your Natural Hair

The decision to transition to natural hair is a difficult one filled with questions of acceptance – will my workplace consider my look “professional”, what will my family say, will I still feel beautiful and attractive when I look in the mirror? This is a dialogue that goes through many converting sistas’ heads as they release their previous standard of beauty and create a new one defined on their own terms. But, a conversation that is not often brought up but is so important is how supportive you partner is through this process and also how the transition will challenge their definition of what they see as beautiful.

I read a fantastic blog post on Black Girl Long Hair written by a husband who went through the natural hair journey with his wife. He describes how initially, he was upset and felt insecure about his wife’s decision because he was taught that long, flowing hair was the “cream on top” for dating a black girl. Now, he loves and encourages other womyn to join the natural hair journey as well.

Check out the post over at Black Girl Long Hair.

What are your thoughts, have you had a difficult time getting your partner to accept your new natural look?

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Tracy said...

My partner was, and is, more accepting of my hair than I was, and sometimes am. Her hair is straight. Painfully so. Will not curl. I have wrestled with the voices in my head (you know, those voices? The ones originally planted there by relatives who fear I will embarrass them.) They say "that's not your hair", "can't you do something with your hair". My partner, on the other hand, is my biggest cheerleader ...loves my hair, encourages and supports me and reminds to return to reality, look in the mirror, and love myself because my natural hear is, in her words, "absolutely gorgeous".