Wednesday, July 17

Rachel Jeantel Gets Offered a Full Scholarship to HBCU of Her Choice

This week has been a great week for Rachel Jeantel, witness for the prosecution and Trayvon Martin's  friend. She had a great interview on the Piers Morgan show on Monday where viewers got more of a chance to see her personality. Seeing her personality brought a sense of humanity to her for some people. For me, I have been rooting for and supporting her since I saw her take the stand because I can only imagine how difficult it would be to be the last person to speak to your friend who has been killed and then have to sit in court defending your story and proving your credibility.

I was saddened when people, especially other black people, attacked this young woman after her testimony. I was disgusted with the insults that called her every version of fat, ugly, stupid, ghetto and so much more. It was unbelievable what people had to say, but I really hoped that she would get her chance to shine at some point.

Yesterday, radio personality Tom Joyner had Rachel on his show and told her that he would like to offer her a full scholarship to go to any HBCU of her choice. He saw something special in her and was moved by her Piers Morgan interview. I'm so happy for her! And, I'm glad that Tom decided to invest in her in a way that will benefit her future. She is not a stupid girl, she just needs support and someone to invest, not even money but time as well. That is what all children and youth need, not people that will count them out at the sight of any struggle, disability or difficulty. We need to support our youth and reach them where they are at to help pull them up to their potential.

I'm so glad that Rachel is getting that opportunity to prove her haters wrong. She said she is interested in studying something in law enforcement. Who knows, maybe she will see that Don West very soon but in a different way than expected!

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