Monday, July 29

MONDAY MOTIVATION: Support Positive Stories in Our Community

I'm so glad to hear that recently released movie, Fruitvale Station, had a good opening weekend. It's great to see that people went out and showed their support for such an important film. I didn't get a chance to see it over the weekend, because I was preparing for my event on Sunday in Atlanata but this week I will definitely take a little break to check it out at the theatre.

What I think is the brilliance of this movie is that the story really tries to show the reality of Oscar Grant's character. He was neither a saint or a "thug", he was a young man trying to figure life out the best he could. Was he perfect? No. He made mistakes and did things I'm sure that many would disagree with. But, did he deserve to be killed? That's the story that director, Ryan Coogler tries to answer in this film.

We don't often get to see many films that portray black characters, especially black males with such complexity. Often, black characters are one dimensional falling into characters on either side of "good" or "bad". So, I can't wait to see and support this film. As I think, we should all make an effort to support films or any type of production like this so that we show mainstream that we have a voice too. And, also show our buying power.

Did any of you see Fruitvale Station this weekend? What were your thoughts?

Happy Monday!

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