Friday, July 5

16 year old Producer, Wondagurl, Shows Us That Dreams Can Happen at Any Age

16 year old producer, Wondagurl proves that age ain't nothing but a number when it comes to chasing your dreams. Her story spread throughout the Internet this week with the release of Jay-Z's much hyped album release Magna Carta Holy Grail, as it was discovered that a 16 year old producer from Brampton produced a track on the album.

Talk about defying any limitations - she's a female (how many womyn producers can you think of?), she's young and she is North of the border farrrrr away from the life of Jay-Z. So how did she make this happen? She visualized what she wanted and then took action to get there.

In a Toronto Star article, she explained that she got started because she saw a video of Jay-Z and Timbaland in the studio working on beats and she wanted to do what they were doing, she wants to be one of the greats. So, fast forward a bit and she may still be working on establishing her name but her hard work landed her on the album of one of the very greats that she first visualized.

She is more proof that you can make whatever you want happen as long as you have a dream, a plan and are committed.

Happy Friday!

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