Friday, July 19

A Different Look For Rap? A Song Dedicated to All the Natural Girls

A Harlem rapper by the name of Qu'ality is celebrating all of the natural sistas with his song called, "Na-Tu-Ral". The video features womyn rocking natural 'dos from locs, to braids, to 'fros as he raps along that "She's got that Poetic Justice. That Badu. That India Arie. Jill Scott, too."

I like the video because it's nice to see a change from typical rap videos and what is deemed to beautiful. The song is not bad at all but I of course love the concept behind the lyrics. He even name drops Carol's Daughter products!

Looking through the comments underneath the video, most reactions were positive and happy to see a new face of beauty in rap. But, there were a few comments that suggested this guy was just an opportunist who sees natural beauty as the next thing to cash in on. Well, I think if that's the case he' smart first of all. And secondly, it's about time people started recognizing the beauty of natural in these music videos. I can't call his intentions, but if it makes at least a few womyn feel beautiful and celebrated, then I'm all for it!

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