Friday, July 12

Justice for Trayvon Martin


What can I say about these past few weeks of the trial for George Zimmerman and the senseless death of a child? I have been following the updates everyday and I think the things that has been most upsetting to me through out this process has been the shift in in focus from the real reason why everyone is there (because George Zimmerman killed Trayvon) to everything about how great or not great of a job the legal teams are doing and attacking the credibility and poise of witnesses (my heart still goes out to that young womyn Rachel Jeantel).

I have watched coverage on CNN and HLN nightly and have been disappointed with the way the trial has become almost a spectator sport that these legal analysts excitedly debate over which side, defence or prosecution, were more strategic.  The heart of this whole issue has slipped away and become a case of may the best lawyer win.

It's sad and this case has definitely shed light on the injustices and limitations on the legal system that are not inclusive of diversity in race, class, etc. But, I am believing that justice will be served for Trayvon. His family will finally get the closure and peace that they deserve.

Many people are using their social media accounts to black out their profiles in a show support of for #justicefortrayvon.

What have been your thoughts about this trial?

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