Wednesday, August 8

Gabby Douglas Gets Criticized For Her Hair?

Gabby Douglas.

I can't believe that instead of celebrating the fact that we have a wonderful role model who is inspiring millions of little Black Girls around the world some people have the audacity of criticizing her on her hair?

Let's not talk about the flawless routines that earned her Gold medals at the age of 16.

Let's not talk about how she worked through the blood, sweat and tears to reach a point of excellence.

Let's not talk about the sacrifices she's made, leaving home to live with a host family at the tender age of 14 just to train for a moment such as this!  She saw her her mother 4 times in 2 years.

Let's not talk about how she is the first American gymnast ever to win both the team and individual all-around gold at the same Olympics.

Let's not talk about how she has become the first African American woman to win the gold medal in the all-around gymnastics competition.

Let's not talk about how she has 90 million dollars in endorsement to date.  Setting her future up for incredible success (if managed properly of course)

Let's talk about her hair?


Maybe her hairstyle isn't appropriate for twerking on the streets, but it's functional. It looks just like every other competitor out there, gelled back with clips in a ponytail.  Could you imagine her hair with a huge weave trying to see through it as she flies between the uneven bars? Or better yet, falling off as she leaps on the balance beam?

It just goes to show that you will never please everyone.

I saw a quote once that said: "You can be the biggest, juiciest, ripest peach in the entire world and there will still be someone who doesn't like peaches."

So go ahead Little Black Girl.  Whip your 90 million dollar hair, Gabby!  You deserve the successes you worked so hard for!


April Byrd said...

Black women have come a long way from this ridiculousness!

Shelly Ann Black said...

My sister did gymnastics as a child and now she is going for track and field for the oplympics she had a growth spurt and track and field became her new interest and passion. when she is training she hair is pulled back . why because the hair in the eyes does not make a good athlete. So Miss Gabby Douglas is doing what any athlete needs to do to train and compete and of course win.

Denise said...

Sometimes you've just got to ignore the idle, the insecure, the unhappy and the feckless. You can't change them, reason with them or for tha matter understand them. Don't fry your brain or sour your mood trying. Turn your positive energy towards uplifting this shining little star and others like her. Dreck will take care of itself. Go Gabby go!

Anonymous said...

My daughter is a competitve gymnasts and I am so greatful she has a well spoken black gymnasts to look up to.

JAXXY said...

Just read a great article on Autostraddle:

Definately worth the read,,,the comments section too. Crazy what people obsess over. Imagine paying that much mind to your own self and keeping yourself real.

Innocent Saqib said...

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