Monday, August 20

Janelle Monae Is The Newest CoverGirl!

I'm sure some of you have seen this by now.  CoverGirl has recently announced it's newest spokesperson: Janelle Monae.

You probably haven't seen many of her videos, unless you are a fan. But I'm sure you've heard her song 'Tightrope' either on the radio or on TV (it was the soundtrack for one of Chevy's commercials).  She is a force to be reckoned with.  She is an incredibly talented artist who is vocally talented and ridiculously creative.  And she's only 26.

Her hit single 'Tightrope' was from her 2010 album called "ArchAndroid".  Take a listen:

I'm glad that CoverGirl decided to use Janelle as a representative of the brand as she isn't their 'usual' type.  She is usually donning her signature 50s hairdo, tuxedo, tie (either bow tie or regular tie) and saddle shoes and has a quirky wit about her.

I have also noticed that CoverGirl has been including different types of 'divas' in their recent campaigns (the ads and commercials with Ellen make me laugh) and that is to be celebrated.

I love these pictures and her style.  More girls need to see that you don't need to be half naked to get your point across.  Just be you!  Rock what you've got! and celebrate your personal style and sense of fashion!

Also check out the behind the scenes footage:

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