Wednesday, August 22

Aaliyah: It's Been 11 Years Already!

I can't believe that it's been almost 11 years since Aaliyah has passed away!  It's crazy how fast time passes. I still remember hearing the news for the first time.  I was excited about her new video, 'Rock The Boat' and I remember there being a buzz around the fact that she was filming in The Bahamas.  I remember hearing it and not believing that it was true. (Now this was before we depended on computers and wikipedia for all of our fact-checking) and waited for the news to confirm it! It really was a sad day!

She was such an incredible talent and a great actress who had a budding career ahead of her.  She had just started making movies, was engaged to Damon Dash, she literally was starting her life when it was cut short.

It makes me wonder what she would have been like at 33?  I wonder how her music would have evolved?  I wonder how her music career would have been?  She was only 22 when she passed away! She was so young!

I've been listening and reminiscing on her music and 90s hip hop and R&B in general and that was a great time for music!   The vibe was different.  The music had more depth and meaning. Videos had story lines and plots to follow. It's a little scary to look at what this generation has to look back on as 'old skool' when they grow up!

Here's a few Aaliyah tracks to remind you of the 'good old days!'

What's your favorite Aaliyah track?

Try Again:

Are You That Somebody:

Four Page Letter:

Rock The Boat:

Hot Like Fire:

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