Friday, August 10

WANTED: Social Media Blogger! Apply Today!

Our amazing social media blogger Zakiya Toby is leaving to pursue her own wonderful ventures and we need someone as dynamic as her to fill her shoes!!!   

Trey Anthony Studios is looking for a social media blogger/writer/intern. 
 Want your writing blogs to be seen by over 3000 visitors per month! Then apply to our blogging writing team! If you have read trey anthony's blog and enjoyed it and thought I could do that, then apply!!! 

We are looking for a person who is all these things and more!!! 
  • Extremely smart!
  • Up to date on current events in the world and the entertainment industry!
  •  Care passionately about womyn's issues! Especially womyn of colour.
  •  A believer in sharing good news!  
  •  Have the pulse on social media!
  •  Innovative,  creative and have a strong sense of business and social media!
  •  A great editor and possess  strong writing skills and grammar!  A damn good speller!
  •  Enjoys working from home! And has their own computer and Internet access. 
  • Got a good sense of humour!

Womyn of colour and first nation womyn and  members of the LGBT community are strongly encouraged to apply.


To keep the trey anthony blog current and up to date.   Intern will  post three blogs posts per week on trey anthony's blog page, the truth according to trey.  Some blog posts will come directly from Ms anthony , however,  the intern will also be responsible for providing weekly blogs.  These blogs will be posted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before 9am.  These blogs will consists of inspirational quotes or videos or entertainment news and gossip worthy events,  pertaining to womyn in the entertainment industry.  Blogs should be thought provoking and entertaining.  trey anthony would like the blog to be a mix of current affairs, inspirational, humor and entertaining.  A blog where people will go to check out what's going on in entertainment but also a good news blog!!!
Intern will also be responsible for twittering, and ensuring all social media presence for trey anthony and Trey Anthony Studios.
Responsibilities also include monitoring and updating f/book pages and fan pages, on all Trey Anthony Studios related pages.
Also responsible for reaching out to other bloggers to do cross blogging and increasing blog membership and encouraging traffic to our blog site. 

Please send a brief cover letter or letter of interest to with the subject line social media intern, and explain why you would be perfect for the job! Please outline any previous blogging or writing experience. And also provide a blog sample/writing sample of your work. Please no phone calls. Deadline to apply 5pm August 17th 2012.

Salary:  Bloggers will be compensated for their time and salary will be negotiated. Time commitment is about four- seven hours per week.  Depending on how fast you blog and do research.

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