Friday, July 13

Happy Birthday Mr. Cosby

Bill Cosby turned 75 years old yesterday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY COS!

His birthday got me thinking about his life and career.  What an amazing run he's had. Starting with Fat Albert and the Cosby kids..."Hey Hey Hey!"  

Fat Albert started as a comedy sketch that turned into a show that ran for 12 years.  Then he had The Cosby Show, A Different World and The Cosby Mysteries just to name a few. 

Bill Cosby has inspired us in so many ways over the years through his stand up comedy and his various TV shows.  How many of you remember how amazing Thursday nights used to be?  The Cosby Show A Different World back to back. 

They were the shows that shaped us; they gave us a positive reflection of ourselves on the TV screen.

And in a way I have to say thank you to him.  Because without him pioneering through the industry and opening the doors that he did, I may not have had the opportunities that I have had to open the doors that I've opened.

Take a moment today to Youtube some of his stand up or old TV shows.  A great laugh to start the weekend!

Dad is so great!  He brings me chocolate cake! (classic!)

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