Monday, July 2

I Am Me: Heartfelt Reminder To Be Yourself by Willow Smith

Willow Smith just dropped her newest video 'I Am Me."  It is an unapologetic proclamation to everyone to be comfortable in their own skin.  You can see and feel the passion oozing out of this video.  It's refreshing to see such truth in music nowadays.

To think that an 11 year old has to defend herself to the media telling them that "your validation is just not that important to me."  It's so heartfelt and is a 'much watch' and a 'must share' in my opinion.  We all need to remember that we need to just be ourselves and “be honest, cuz ain’t nobody got time for that.”

I think that more parents need to allow their kids to be who they are not who the parents want them to be!  Cheers to Will and Jada for allowing their daughter to express herself how she she feels fit.  

"I am me, I am me.  And that's all I can be"

Side Note: Willow Smith is Will Smith's mini me! haha  I can't get over how much she looks like her father.  I see a likkle glimpse of Jada in there, but that girl is all WILL! haha.  She even has some of his nuances and it's crazy to watch.

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Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same mini-Will thought while watching this video.