Wednesday, July 25

Moving On Up: RIP Sherman Hemsley

I guess he finally moved on up to that big deluxe apartment in the sky.  I can't believe that Sherman Hemlsey passed away last night.  Sources say that he passed from natural causes which ultimately is the best way to go. 

He was best known for his roles as George Jefferson in both 'All In The Family' and it's spinoff 'The Jeffersons'.

Despite his on screen grumpy character, he was quite the humble man and quiet man in his personal life.  You often saw that side of him in interviews.

For many of us he was the first TV dad that we grew to adore; probably because he reminded us of our own  fathers.  He often blew his top, was often wrong but had endless love for his family. He always wanted the best for them and stopped at nothing until he achieved it.  He was

Here's a clip of one of my favorite Jeffersons moments: George dancing.  What's your favorite Sherman Hemsley memory?

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Anonymous said...

Trey, any interaction between George and Florence, the maid, is my favourite because they had the funniest lines and the best comedic timing. Sad to see Sherman Hensley gone.