Monday, July 30

Rapex: useful or medieval?

While the device isn't new, this pic has been sweeping across social media recently and I want your two cents on the subject.

This is a device invented by Sonnette Ehlers, a medical technician working in South Africa.  The anti rape female condom, which is inserted by the woman like a tampon, has 'teeth' on the inside of the device that will get stuck on and any man who tries to rape her.  He would have to have it removed in an emergency room.

She recalled a rape victim telling her that she only wished that "she had teeth down there" which is what inspired the creation of the device.

Soon after Rape-Axe (Rapex) was created however, critics started to call the device 'barbaric' and archaic and even medieval.

I think that a man taking advantage of a womyn's freedom (especially in that manor) is archaic and medieval.

What are your thoughts?


Chokolatus said...

I think it is wonderful women have this option if they chose to use it, and I think it is utterly sickening that we need to have inventions like this. I lived in Africa when it was invented and remember hearing the rape stats out of South Africa, and they have only gotten worse. I wish we lived in a world where we honoured and cherished each soul, especially women and children.

Anonymous said...

I actually love it. Its time those rapists felt a bit of the pain they cause their victims.