Wednesday, July 4

Black Girl In Suburbia: Do You Fit In?

"Too Black to be White and to White to be Black:" a sentiment often felt by those of us that are not living the stereotypical 'Black' lifestyle.  

There is a new documentary that is being released this fall by Melissa Lowery called 'Black Girl In Suburbia" that explores what is means to be Black in a suburban community.  In a way you never fit in. The Black community looks down on you as if you have crossed the line and started acting like White people (whatever that means), and White community looks at you as if you are coming to destroy their precious neighbourhood with your loud rap music, teenage pregnancies and incessant violence.   It's like we are forever stuck trying to prove ourselves to somebody: be it our own people or the rest of society. 

But my question is: What is 'being Black' anyway?  Is Black the colour of my skin?  My identity?  My culture?  Is is my 'bling bling'? All of the above?  Do I lose my 'Blackness card' if I decided to create a better life for myself?

I know this song and dance all too well.  I have faced my share of said criticisms.  For example, I love to gather some of my close friends and family together to share a cup of high tea.  It is one of my favorite things to do. Of course I have friends that support me, but I've also had to deal with my share of "She tink she white now!" and "Oh she so bougie".  Sometimes I laugh it off as a joke, but why should I have to do that?  Why can't I enjoy the opportunities and resources that are available to ALL OF US!

I think that sometimes we limit ourselves to an imaginary box filled with limitations that we put on ourselves. 

So I would like to propose a challenge to all of you!  This month (and every month) find something that 'Black people don't do' ie: swimming, skating, sailing, golf etc and DO IT.  Don't let our beautiful rich skin colour be a hindrance on what we chose to experience in this lifetime. 

I am excited to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Discussion is the first step to change

Black Girl In Suburbia Trailer

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cburrell said...

Trey, I totally relate to having a limitation on what things I can do as a black woman... It was apart of my training growing up to know what white people do that black people do not... There are so many experiences I would not have had if I did not broaden my mind...Thought provoking post. Looking forward to viewing and sharing the documentary when it is released with my discussion group.