Friday, December 14

What the world lost today - reaction to the Connecticut school shooting

Usually when I'm at a loss for words the only thing that can make me make sense of things is writing it down. This shooting today was so senseless. It left my heart aching and my pen crying...

Students being led out of their school during today's shooting in Newton, Connecticut

What the world lost today

Today the world lost children reciting their ABCs with wide eyed innocence. We lost hand made art on the fridge. We lost chalk on blackboards. We lost hugs from moms and dads.

Today we lost notes passed between BFF's wondering does he like me? Circle yes or no!  We lost tag played on the school yard. We lost first crushes, first bras, first kisses.

We lost missed curfews. We lost pimples on the tip of noses.  We lost OMG. We lost LOL, so of course we lost laughter...We lost driving licences, graduations and proms. 

We lost giggling girls on phones.  We lost lanky boys with sweaty palms at school dances. We lost first dances and stepping on toes.

We lost college applications. We lost flipping burgers.  First pay cheques. We lost numerous facebook updates and we lost many, many tweets.  We lost drinking first beers, so we missed the  hang overs too. We lost first loves and of course we lost broken hearts.. 

We lost back packing across Europe. We lost keys to first apartments.  We lost wedding invitations.  Birth announcements and baby showers.

We lost future politicians, activists, teachers, social workers, doctors, lawyers, managers, singers, writers, poets, life changers, believers, advocates---- sadly, today we lost who they might have been. 

We lost big love. We lost desperate hope. We lost our belief in all that is good. 
We lost true love when we lost our children. 

And most of all America we lost the war against guns. 

Where do we go from here?

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