Friday, December 7

Watch The Throne: This Womyn Has Taken Oprah's Spot As Richest Black Womyn In The World!

Well folks, Queen Oprah has officially been de-throned as the richest black womyn in the world. Oprah has held this spot for quite a few years now but it has just been announced that the new leading lady is Folorunsho Alakija of Nigeria.

This 61 year old’s $3.2 billion empire is comprised of being owner of oil company, FAMFA OIL Limited as well as the head of successful fashion label Supreme Stitches. I love that she is an artist! She founded the company after studying fashion design in England and went on to make custom creations for Nigeria and West Africa’s elite.

I love Ms Lady O and the media empire that she has created, but it is really great to see another face on top. I'm happy to see successful black womyn’s faces in diverse industries being recognized for their accomplishments. Especially to see a womyn who is not from North America. We too often see the same people in the spotlight all the time which can sometimes send the message that these people are an exception. When we start seeing new people get recognized, it tells us that we too can accomplish big things and defy the norm.
Talk about the sky is the limit! Beautiful to see this womyn achieve her billionaire artist dream.

What do you think of the new richest black womyn, are you happy to see a new face of success?

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