Friday, December 21

Gender Roles: Would You Let Your Son Play With An Easy bake Oven?

I was at a baby shower a while ago and the room was festively decorated  with balloons and streamers in blues, yellows and a hint of pink. I was just taking in the decorations when a womyn appeared behind me and shrieked, “Pink?! She’s having a BOY!!” I did not give her the reaction that she wanted because I gave her some version of my who cares face. So, she turned around to another group of womyn and shrieked again. This time they fell for the bait and suddenly they were in a panic to get rid of the hint of pink décor.
I can not begin to describe how ridiculous I think it is to pre-determine gender roles for our children. Instead of enjoying the time and the lovely atmosphere of the shower, these womyn were caught up on décor and the idea that pink should be a repellent for boys.
This is why it is interesting to hear the announcement this week from toy manufacturer HASBRO, that they would be introducing a gender neutral version to their Easy Bake Oven. They will now offer it in a variety of colours such as black, silver and blue in addition to their traditional colored ovens. I’m happy that the company is making an attempt to appeal to boys as well since many little boys want to be chefs too. But, it remains disappointing that parents are still too caught on gender roles to cross the colour line.
I think we should focus on nurturing our children’s desires and interests and promote the mini chef in our sons or the architect in our daughters.
Parents ,this Christmas as you are picking out last minute gifts for your children and there happens to only be a pink/ purple Easy Bake oven left on the shelf, buy it. Most children don’t care about colour, we do. Then we teach them to care.
What are your thoughts, do you think that children's toys should come in gender neutral colours?
Happy Holidays All!!


Anonymous said...

My son has one of the pink easy bake ovens. He loved it but quickly outgrew it. He and his Dad love cooking and baking together. My job is to enjoy the fruits of their labour. :-)

trey anthony said...

Haha love that! Good for you for not worrying about the colour of the oven but instead (more importantly) of the treats that can come from that little easy bake :)

Anonymous said...

I love this article on gender roles. Too many times do I here about my friends who care about what type of colors their children pick out or specific sports they should play. I really love the previous comment on letting her son play with an easy bake oven. Children should be free to take dance, play with any toy, without gender expectations. The percent is 75% of men are chefs.