Friday, December 28

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: Natural hair inspired art

As someone who's had an interest in natural hair for a long time now, it's been interesting to see all of the stories that have come out this past year. More and more black womyn have been embracing their natural hair and the result has been a mishmash of stories, both good and bad.

From airport afro pat downs, to Oprah and Michelle Obama embracing their natural curls to meteorologist Ronda Lee getting fired for defending her hair, there have been so much talk about natural hair in 2012! But one thing that has been missing (this year and always) is a simple appreciation of the beauty and versatility of our hair. The conversation always seems to get really we choose to wear our hair is seen as a reflection of our beliefs and politics rather than just a personal choice that is ours and ours alone.

Well, one artist has decided to simply celebrate the beauty of black hair, and has released a series of photo prints that do just that. As we head into 2013 we can only hope that the day will come where we are free to be ourselves without having to worry about the implications of our hair style choice on our career, our travels or any other part of our life. Until then, check out Andrea Pippins work and keep rocking that do, whatever style it may be!

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