Monday, December 31

MONDAY MOTIVATION: 2013 is Knocking at Our Doors. Are You Ready?

We're finally here folks! 2013 is just a few hours away. Everyone will soon be out celebrating - popping bottles of champagne in fancy dresses and clothes, blowing party horns and toasting to the New Year. But, when the ball has dropped and  the music begins to fade, can you say that you are really ready to take on 2013?

I had a wonderful holiday season. Although I was sick, I had the chance to relax, spend time with those that I care for and went on a small trip. In the time that I got to relax, I had the opportunity to really reflect on my year - all the successes, disappointments and lessons. I had a fantastic year full of so many blessings. But if you are like me, you may have also set a few goals for this year that you did not see come to pass. But that's okay. While it is awesome to accomplish everything on your to-do list for each year, I think it is more important to understand what has worked for you, what you need to let go of and what new mindset you want to create for the new year.

I realized that the best way to prepare for a journey to success is to create a few guiding principles for yourself. These principles will help you evaluate each moment and each decision that you make to see if you are headed in the correct destination.

Here are few simple principles that work for me and serve as an inner GPS for whenever I’m veering off of my path:

Let go... 
As we head into the New Year, it's important to recognize what hasn't worked for you and what you need to let go of. This can be letting go of any fears, old mindsets, past hurts, untrue beliefs about yourself or forgiving someone who hurt you. Maybe you need to let go of that double latte-whatever with extra whip cream each morning to finally shed those pounds. The point is that you have to let go of what hasn't worked in order to create a clean slate for 2013.

Be thankful
Get a gratitude journal so that you can keep track of your blessings. The more that you are thankful, the more that will continue to come to you. Make a habit of giving thanks every day.

Clean house
No, literally…clean your house! Clutter in the physical is an indication of the clutter in your mind. Take a day to organize your life so that you have the room for newness – new thought, new creativity, new opportunity, etc.

Don't talk about it be about it
There are going to be a lot of people proclaiming that “2013 is my year!” but come February when the excitement of resolutions wears off, we will see what separates the talkers from the doers. Create a vision for what you want and go for it! Start talking once you know for sure that you’ve put in the work and start to see results.

Keep your circle tight
I wrote about this in a previous post here, but it is so important to surround yourself with a group of people who celebrate you, support you and lift you up to be better. You need people who believe in your vision and who are currently pursuing their own visions. If you feel negative, stuck and limited look around at the people you spend the most time with. Guaranteed they have similar negative attitudes. Find a new circle.

Use these principles and add your own to them. I project big things in 2013 for you all!

I also want thank all of you for sharing this journey with me by reading my thoughts and perspectives, for commenting on the blog and through social media, for coming out to the workshop or sending me emails. Keep connecting with me! I truly appreciate it all and can't wait to share more with you in the New Year!

I have a really exciting year ahead of me including bringing 'Da Kink in My Hair to Atlanta this October (please check out the new website!) and at the top of the year in February I will be holding my second Millionaire Artist workshop (email for more info). Please stay tuned for announcements and details J

See NO limits to your potential this year!

Have a safe and blessed New Year’s night!!

trey xo


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