Friday, May 30

Taylor Townsend Dominates in French Open

By: April D. Byrd

This Girl is On fire!! Chicago Native Taylor Townsend that is. The 18 year old is seriously upsetting some of Frances top players and continuing to advance in the french open. 

She has become the Youngest U.S. player to make the third round since 2003. Townsend beat Alize Cornet the 21st ranked Player in the world, at  Court Suzanne Lenglen, a court which seats over 10,000 spectators.

Townsend is excited about the victory, but she hasn't taken her preparation for granted: 
"The Sky Is The Limit". "I'm Happy but I've been preparing for these moments -- Hours in the gym, on the court, off the court." -Taylor told French reporters.
Townsend is ranked 205th in the world. She only qualified for the french open as a wild-card entry. She began her journey by beating another American Vania King in Monday's first round of the game. However, this isn't Townsend's first time making big headlines. She previously ranked no. 1 in junior tennis rankings and won the Australian Open Girls Singles Title in 2012 at the age of 15.

Check out Justin Breen discussing Townsend's victory in the Audio (below):

We wish Taylor much continued victory and success as she keeps going! Keep us updated on Taylor's progress in the comments section below. And keep following the convo with us at Trey Anthony's FanPage and Twitter. Let's Hear it!

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