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Seen & Heard: Little Twins Edition

The Littles
Have you ever heard someone say, “I’ve always wanted twins!”?  I was one of them.  I thought it would be so cute and that it would be so great raising siblings that were, obviously going to be the best of friends.  Twins are cute, and I think right now, our two sets of twins love to be with their belly buddy.
I actually didn’t think twins were that big of a deal until I had F & L!  Miss O and G-Dog were small, slow to develop, babies.  I could manage things with them and their big bro; so much so, that we thought we should add one more S-A kiddo to the mix.  A few weeks into F & L’s life, I joined the local multiples group and started thinking more about what makes twins (or higher order multiples) unique.  I needed to talk to people in the know.  I needed to see families who have survived the early years of parenting multiples.  I needed advice and discounts, Lord, did I need discounts! Raising five kids isn’t cheap!  Anyway, the point is, when F & L came along, I finally realized that this twin sh*t is real!  
I stupidly thought for a long time, twins were just two kids.  You just do everything twice.  Do not believe this.  I was wrong.  Twins are more than double.  When you have twins, you actually are raising three entities with different temperaments.  Why three?  Take F & L.  There’s F-Jammie and there’s Mr. Lee and then there’s this whole other “person” we interact with that is F & L put together.  Let’s call it The Force.  The Force is beautiful and funny and adorable.  It is loving and creative.  It is also fierce and way, way bigger than any of us.  

The truth is, The Littles are hilarious.  Think about how two year olds are portrayed in humorous parenting books or on the most cliché TV show, those are our kids.  What looks like neglect to onlookers, is Wife and I just, throwing up our hands and surrendering to their wackiness, because we truly are not in control of The Force!    It’s hard to explain, but I’ve collected a few moments to share with you so you have some sense of just what life is like with The Force.
Seen and Heard in the Silverman-Akande House:
The Little Twins Edition
  1. Heard:  “No more Mommy’s milk right?  Can I go back inside your tummy?”  - Mr. Lee

  1. Seen:  Literally half of the toys in the playroom piled into the bathroom.  

  1. Heard:  We’re playing Hide & Zeke – F-Jammie

  1. Seen:  Entire bottle of hand sanitizer poured into leather boot and face painted with red lipstick…. At 8:15 am on a school day.            
  1. Heard:  Fu*k it!  - Mr. Lee many times a day

  1. Seen:  Two 2 year olds on chairs at the kitchen counter holding a knife, sharp scissors and a package of pepperetes, hovered over a bowl full of cheerios, water, milk and cherry tomatoes.... at 8am.  I thought I’d go to the bathroom.  This was a big mistake.  
  1. Heard:  This conversation at 6:15 am:
L:  Oh, I have pockets
F:  I don’t have pockets
L:  You can have this one.
F:  Ok.  Oh it’s too big
L:  (inaudible mumbling)… that’s the deal!
  1. Heard:  Me: You cannot push your penis and vagina together!  You just can’t!

  1. Heard:  F:  L can you wipe my bum?

  1. Heard: After learning to give fist bumps when they are pleased about something, this conversation happened back when they were still tandem nursing
F:  Bump it!  (holding left breast)
L:  Yeah, Bump it!  (holding right breast)
Me:  Oh my God, NO!
  1. Seen:  

  1. And the cutest… Heard:
Me to L:  How much do you love your sister?  
L:  This much (arms spread wide)
Me to F:  How much do you love your brother?
F:  Twice!  
There you have it.  A little taste of The Force, God love ‘em!  
XO Ajike

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Laugh out loud funny!! Just made several snorting sounds while reading this in public :)