Friday, May 2

'For Harriet' Creator Blasts "Black People Are Cowards" Op-Ed Piece

By April D. Byrd
For Harriet, Founder/Editor: Kim Foster

By now you've probably heard the issue with Donald Sterling making headlines all over the news. The "former" owner of the L.A. Clippers NBA team didn't want his bi-racial girlfriend to bring other Black people to any of the basketball games. An audio recording was released of Sterling making racist comments, now he has received a Ban for life from NBA commissioner Adam Silver. He also has to cough up 2.5 million dollars as a fine for the damages of his ignorance.

In ode to the remarks made on tape, the team decided to make a statement of their own by turning their shirts inside out in shame of the owners brand.

hey guys...we can still see the logo...

anyhow, In response to the Clippers actions, Rapper Homeboy Sandman wrote an essay that won heavy rotation on social media. Few people heard of his music, or knew his name before the "Black People Are Cowards" piece dropped online. The artist's prose came across as empowering, eloquent , totally  Bill Cosby approved. However, different critics disagree with the rapper and took out the time to pen their response. Kimberly Foster, founder of the online magazines For Harriet and Coloures is among the most noted voices of opposition.

In her follow-up piece"Who's the Coward?: The Flawed Logic of Faux Revolutionaries" , Kim basically calls his piece unrealistic and well... a bit racist. I'm hopefully guessing that Sandman chose the specific blog title, and open agreement with Sterling's opinion in his introduction for shock value. The battle still continues.

In more  news on the story, Oprah is also as outraged about the situation as everyone else. It's even rumored that she may be buying the Clippers team herself.  She said She "thinks it would be a great thing for an important black American to own the franchise" and Donald Sterling is lost in the past. "It's not slavery time". Many reporters in the industry are speculating that Magic Johnson should own the team. The verdict is currently still out. A sports business reporter for ESPN discusses the current worth of the team in the video (below):

What do you think of the fiasco? Should Magic Johnson step up to the plate? Are you Team Kim or Team Sandman? ...and did anybody else know NBA Franchises were worth so much money?...geez. Share your thoughts in the comments section and follow the convo on Trey's Anthony's Fan page. Let's Here It!

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